Tire and Wheel Service

Clinton County Tire Service

When it comes to vehicle safety, having reliable tires is as important as it gets. Wear-and-tear on your vehicle’s tires is a natural part of the driving process and there is no set timeframe on how often you’ll need new tires, as it can depend greatly on your driving style. Drivers who don’t drive much but travel on rough roads will sometimes need to replace their tires just as frequently as someone who puts a lot of miles on their car. It’s also important to keep weather in mind–you don’t want to enter an snowy New York winter with bald tires!

For the best value and services on tires, Plattsburgh drivers know to count on City Auto Repair & Sales. Our experienced, honest staff members will help you decide which type of tires are best for your vehicle based on your driving routine. Some key indicators of needing to replace your vehicle’s tires include:

· Thin threads on your tires (if you use the tried-and-true “penny test” and you can’t see Lincoln’s head, you need new tires!)

· The wear bar indicator is visible

· There are visible cracks on your tire’s sidewall

· Any abnormality in shape due to bulges and blisters

Not taking care of these issues immediately can have potentially dire consequences. Having a tire blowout while on the freeway, in the middle of nowhere, or even while going through an intersection puts you in high risk of an accident. Keep yourself and other drivers safe by keeping up with your car maintenance and not forgetting about your tires.

Clinton County drivers know that for the best service, value, and quality, our shop simply can’t be beat. Give us a call at 518-561-2277 – we’re always happy to answer any questions you have regarding the types of tires we carry, and all the other auto repair services we offer at our shop!